mSkin Apps – clever companions!

 The mSkin apps are modern and innovative solutions pursuing an entirely new treatment approach

for patients suffering from dermatosis or wounds. The idea behind mSkin apps is to involve and motivate the patient to participate actively in their treatment process.

The mSkin apps facilitate interactive communication between doctor and patient. The patient keeps an electronic diary of their continuously monitored control data. This data is then made available to the doctor, who is able to monitor the patient independently in a separate location.
The doctor can adjust the treatment at any time, intervene if necessary and provide his patient with relevant information.
This is what makes mSkin apps special:

  • mSkin app runs on Smartphones (or other mobile devices
  • direct, secure and encrypted data transfer to the doctor
  • diary for the continuous recording of control data
  • use of the camera to monitor the skin/wound
  • feedback and messages from the doctor and adjustment of the treatment are possible at any time
  • multilingual
  • intuitive user interface

mSkin – skin cancer screening – we are introducing the mSkin app.